President’s Report to the Senate – 9/28/18

CCFT report to academic Senate

  1. The 2015-2018 contract has still not been signed off. HR has promised this by next week.
  2. One missing piece is for the District to review and approve new language in Article 4 that incorporates the Longevity settlement. This has been complicated by HR’s decision to recumbent the “Longevity steps” above step 14 such that FT faculty would advance one step each year, regardless of years of service. This permits the 5% salary increases to be programmed into Banner to occur automatically. As soon as i receive the renumbered steps, i will mail them to FT Faculty.
  3. The second missing piece is to have an agreement on the final wording of the CMC MOU. We have already obtained an agreement for compensation for multiple checkin/outs. We also want language that protects faculty if CMC files a complaint against them, assuming they did not intentionally break the rules.
  4. The Union and the District well submit a joint statement of contract re-openers. Once this is approved by the Board next Wednesday night, I can direct you to the document. This document is very specific in identifying what items the District wants to change in our contract.
  5. At yesterdays Council of representative meeting we collected Division input on whether to change the process for the election of Division Chairs. The current process allows FT faculty to vote for a new chair either by secret ballot ( if more than one candidate) or by acclamation (if only a single candidate steps forward). The proposal from the chairs to return to a representative selection committee for contested chair elections and to include all faculty and classified staff). A third option is a direct vote that includes all faculty and staff. The Executive committee will compile the results and determine whether to negotiate a change in the contract for chair selection.
  6. We will soon distribute a survey to members about the next round of negotiations. A major question pertains to the distribution of salary dollars. This has always been distributed as an across the board percentage increase. But another alternative is to add the same dollars to each step. This would provide a larger relative increase to lower steps and bring the steps closer together. Or we could do some of each.
  7. The survey will only go to CCFT members. Following the Janus decision last June, we no longer deduct fair-share fees. If your pay-stub does not have a deduction for CCFT, then you are not a member. There is still time tho join if your want tp participate in the survey and help decide negotiation priorities.

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