CCFT President’s Report to the BOT – September 2019

CCFT report to the Board of Trustees

The Council of Representatives met last Thursday and Chief Negotiator Greg Baxley presented an updated salary comparison to some of our comparable colleges. This shows that we now have salaries currently above Hancock and almost equal to Cabrillo College. Faculty recognize what an important and significant improvement this is for our ability to support our families and continue to do the work we love.

We did a straw poll on opening day to assess the current faculty priorities. I provided a list of 8 options and faculty were asked to rank their top 3.

  1. The highest ranked choices from the opening day straw poll were (in order) :
      1. Reduced length calendar to make us more competitive
      2. Better fringe benefits to reduce the burden of out of pocket costs
      3. Increased salary to actually get to the average of our comparable colleges (which we have yet to do!!)
  1. These will be included in the negotiations likely to begin next semester.
  2. The updated CBA should be signed off and posted soon to both the HR and CFT websites
  3. Our new CFT field representative, Sarah Henne, gave a presentation at the Council meeting last week and touched on the new Online College (CalBright) which appears to be in competition with the OEI, AB 302 (the law to allow homeless students to use CCC parking lots and the new split roll property tax initiative for 2020 called Schools and Communities First.
  4. I represented CCFT at the Labor Day picnic on Monday, as one of three labor speakers. I reminded everyone that we are beginning our third phase of the Bond Measure L, and thanked them again for their support. There was great emphasis from other speakers on using Community Work Project agreements to guarantee that construction projects use local labor and companies to keep the dollars local.
  5. Tomorrow is our second Executive Board meeting. We will be discussing Several Board Policies and Administrative procedures that relate to Faculty Academic Freedom and proposed student grade change and grievance processes. These are concerns we share with the Senate. There will be a joint Union Task Force to propose any changes.

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