eLumen and Canvas Workload Demand to Bargain

Dear CCFT Colleagues;

There are several proposed College projects that will significantly impact the workload and other working conditions for faculty. These include the implementation and maintenance of SLO’s using the new software eLumen, the adoption of Canvas as the campus LMS (Learning Management System used for distance and hybrid education courses), and the potential replacement of myCourses by Canvas as the single campus-wide LMS.

These projects will clearly impact our interaction and communication with our students, issues of academic freedom and surveillance of online courses, training for eLumen and the new LMS, and evaluation, and other areas of faculty concern.

The impact of these projects is subject to bargaining because of increased workload to faculty and impact on other working conditions. The Union has demanded bargaining with the District over the impacts of the District’s proposed eLumen and LMS changes.

As you know, negotiations with the District over salary are not proceeding as CCFT would have hoped. The District’s on-schedule salary offer is only 3.1% for 2015-2016, despite the College’s and State’s strong fiscal health.

The eLumen trainings that are being offered by the SLOA coordinators this semester are voluntary, not mandatory. The District may not implement any change that impacts faculty without first concluding negotiations with the Union over the impacts of that change.

Accordingly, the CCFT fully supports any faculty who elect to not perform voluntary work for the District outside of their regularly required duties, such as participation in eLumen training. Such a decision to “work to contract” is entirely allowable, and a common decision in the face of such negotiations.

We also want to remind faculty of the attached 2010 Principles Statement on Student Learning Outcomes and Assessments that was signed by the District as well as the Presidents of the Academic Senate and CCFT. These principles stated in this binding agreement (see especially 5, 8 and 9) still stand today and CCFT will uphold them.

It’s a shame that Cuesta faculty, who have worked so diligently, for so long, on so many fronts, remain at the bottom of comparable colleges in compensation. Even with the additional 3.1% proposed by the District we would be at or near the bottom at all levels of step and column compensation. Please join together in solidarity to support CCFT’s efforts to get fair compensation for our members.

Principles Statement on SLOs Assessment

In Solidarity,


Debra S. Stakes, PhD
CCFT President and Chief Negotiator
Cuesta College
Division of Physical Sciences
San Luis Obispo CA 93403-8106
(805)546-3100 x2720
cell (805) 704-9776

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