New Year’s Update: Informational Picket and Longevity Grievance

Greetings CCFT Members;

I hope the new semester is off to a great start for you. I’d like to catch you up on some important union business.

Picket Successful!

Thanks to everyone for making the Opening Day picket such a success. We had nearly 100 members on the picket line and were even joined by three faculty from CFA, Cal Poly’s faculty union. The great media coverage helped make our case to the community outside Cuesta that we deserve fair pay for our excellent work.

Community Response

I have had several community members from my non-Cuesta life comment on the news coverage on TV especially. They encouraged us to stand strong because we deserve a competitive salary. Many were shocked that we had the lowest salaries of our comparative districts, given the high cost of living in this area. I would like to hear from you if your friends, neighbors or associates mentioned the coverage of the picket.


In negotiations we will be headed into impasse mediation on Tuesday, February 9. The Board of Trustees will be meeting on Wednesday, February 3, to decide how to instruct the District negotiating team. The CCFT Executive Board is encouraging union members to attend this meeting and to speak to compensation equity at the public comment period, either at 2:30, before the closed session, or at 4:00 before the open session.

The Board meeting is in South County on February 3, in the Georgie O’Conner Board Meeting Room, Lucia Mar Unified School District Multi-Purpose Room, 602-G, Orchard Street in Arroyo Grande. There does not appear to be any accommodation for polycom. So if you can’t be there, please email the Board members on Tuesday or Wednesday to encourage them to meet the salary needs of the faculty who have worked so hard to support this college! Our unfair salaries are undermining the quality of education at Cuesta in many respects.

Longevity Grievance

CCFT is currently at Level II on a very important grievance against the District. In the Spring of 2014 and the Fall of 2015, the District placed newly hired faculty members at Longevity Salary levels. According to the contract, Longevity II requires 19 years of consecutive service to Cuesta (and satisfactory evaluations, of course). Longevity III requires 22 years of consecutive service. Having to violate the contract to hire talented new full-time faculty is strong evidence that our current salary schedule is far below adequate to attract and retain the best faculty.

Total Compensation: We’re 72 out of 72 (unless we get the District’s LBFO then we are 71 out of 72).

One of our members has worked diligently to compare our overall compensation with that of the other 72 community college districts in the state. For faculty with multiple dependents, we are 72 out of 72 when combining average salary with fringe benefits. The district’s last, best, and final offer would bring us up to 71, a mere $350 per year above last place. This analysis is being made available to each of the trustees before the February 3 board meeting. Please refer to this in your emails to the Trustees.

Thanks again to everyone for such a powerful show of faculty strength and unity on Opening Day. Let’s keep that momentum going.

In Unity,


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