Part-Time Faculty Pro-Rata Pay

The movement towards “pro-rata” pay for part-time faculty began in the early 2000’s. The Board of Governors released a policy statement, dated September 10, 2001, which affirmed that …”part-time faculty should be paid comparably for those in-class and out of class duties that are the same.” The policy statement goes on to say that “The specific definitions and policies regarding comparable pay are to be determined locally, through the collective bargaining process.”

Link: BOG Policy Statement on Part-time Faculty Compensation

The policy statement also references a Part Time Faculty Issues task force memorandum (dated July 30, 2001) which provides methodologies and sets of assumptions for reaching salary parity for part-timers. The costs of “closing the gap” were calculated at five different levels: 70%,  75%, 80%, 88%, and 100%. This was done  to  determine the magnitude of investment the state should make in assisting the colleges to deal with the issue of part-time compensation and not to impose a definition of parity.

Link: Memorandum: Materials to Assist Task Force Discussions

Unfortunately CCFT and the District have never negotiated a definition of parity and none exists in our current contract. The current CCFT leadership proposes to make this a topic for negotiations when our team returns to the table in October 2016.  In the meantime, the CCFT membership must discuss and come to agreement on the definition of parity that we wish to negotiate.  Many Unions have already negotiated such an agreement within their districts. For example, Peralta Community College reached agreement that defined parity at 75% of full-time faculty salary.

Link: Peralta Community College District Parity Definition (2002)

Reaching such an agreement, however does not mandate that the District reaches parity in salary compensation at any time in the future.  For example, according to the recent CFT part-time faculty salary comparison study which uses 75% as its parity definition, at the beginning of the 5th year or 9th semester with a Master’s degree, Peralta’s part-time faculty hourly rate is $59.45 (tab 2 of the Report) and the comparable full-time rate is $67.36 (tab 6). To “close the gap”  of $7.91 would require a 13.3% increase to the part-time hourly rate of pay at this  step and column.

Link:  CFT 2015 Part-Time Salary Comparison Report

Greg Baxley has prepared for CCFT a Part-time Salary comparison for Cuesta using just our 14 negotiated comparative districts (Allan Hancock, Antelope Valley, Cabrillo, Citrus, Hartnell, Merced, Monterey Peninsula, Mt. San Jacinto, Ohlone, Santa Barbara, Santa Clarita, Sequoias, Victor Valley, and Yuba). The data was collected from the most current Collective Bargaining Agreements or published salary schedules, and entry salary for 60 units + MA was used for comparison. Among these 15 colleges, Cuesta ranks 3/15 for reaching closest to parity, which is assumed to be 75% of the full-time equivalent hourly pay rate. Cuesta ranks 7/15 for part-time hourly rate, and 15/15 for full-time equivalent hourly rate.

 Link:  CCFT 2015 Fourteen District Part-Time faculty Salary Comparison

The issue of salary parity requires a candid discussion among CCFT members about what percentage of workload full-time Cuesta College faculty spend on non-instructional responsibilities. The CCFT leadership hopes that the above resources will assist its membership in coming to an agreement on a definition of pro rata pay that we can then bring forward to the negotiations table in October.

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