Cuesta College Federation of Teachers – Contract Ratification Vote Pending

CCFT has reached a tentative agreement with the District to close the 2015-218 Contract
CCFT and the District have reached a tentative agreement ahead of the publication of a fact-finding report. The tentative agreement encompasses compensation, part-time faculty office hours, and part-time faculty reassignment procedures. These agreements will allow us to close the 2015-2108 CBA, and to start negotiations for the new contract in the fall. The faculty will vote on the tentative agreements this spring.  Below is a summary of the agreements, and links to the relevant documents.

Article 4 – Compensation:

  • 1% on schedule salary increase, retroactive to July 1, 2016.
  • 3% on schedule salary increase, retroactive to January 1, 2018
  • 30 minutes paid office per week (9 hours per semester) for part-time faculty teaching a 20-39.99% load, beginning fall 2018. Faculty teaching above a 40% load already receive a 60 minute paid office hour per week (18 hours per semester). The office hour payment is paid automatically without faculty needing to fill out a time card. Note that scheduled office hours must now be indicated on the course syllabus.

Article 5.13 – Assignment of Faculty

CCFT and the Districtwill trial a new reassignment rights policy for part-time faculty. This new policy will bring the college into alignment with AB1690/SB1379. Part-time faculty with reassignment rights, designated as Level 2 faculty in the contract, may request that they be reassigned to another course if their initial assignment is cancelled anytime prior to three weeks before the beginning of classes. The level 2 faculty member may only displace a level 3 faculty member in this circumstance. A full-time faculty member who teaches overload is considered a level 2 faculty member; hence their overload is protected in the same manner.

Links to Tentative Agreements to be Voted on: