Committee on Political EducatonThe Committee on Political Education (COPE) is the CCFT’s political action arm. It covers the expenses of meeting with and educating legislators, and helps elect officeholders who respect our members, support education and work for union goals. With COPE, we work for laws and policies that further education and safeguard our rights; we back candidates who back us; and we support public officials who get things done for our members, parents and students.

In recent years, teachers and teacher unions have become the new favorite punching bag for politicians and policy makers. And labor continues to be the number one target of anti-worker politicians. The CCFT’s record – on both legislative matters and in elections – would be impressive under any circumstance, but under these conditions it is truly extraordinary. It is made possible by the incredibly hard work of CCFT members and by the funding that COPE provides. None of this would be possible without COPE, and COPE is not possible without you.

Why COPE needs you

COPE is entirely funded by voluntary contributions. We do not use any union dues money for political action. In these hard economic times, it is critically important that you contribute to COPE. COPE enables us to continue to fight for lower class sizes and additional funding for the classroom, and it will help us make sure that the wealthy pay their fair share of taxes by extending the millionaires’ tax. Thanks to COPE we are able to make sure that our voice is heard loud and clear.

COPE Payroll Deduction Authorization

Voluntary contributions to CCFT COPE help ensure that public officials – elected and appointed – hear your voice on issues and policies that matter to you. And CCFT COPE is one of the most effective ways to help elect candidates who support our schools and our professions. And when necessary, …

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