Council of Representatives

Fall 2023

Applied Behavioral Sciences (2) – Elisabeth Deswart and Cherie Moore

Biological Sciences (2) – Laurie McConnico and Lisa Schicker

Business Education (2)- Randy Scovil

Engineering & Technology (4) – David Fernandez

English (2) – Jude Rock and Roland Finger

Fine Arts (2) – Brittany Mojo and Doug Highland

Kinesiology, Health Sciences & Athletics (2) – Nancy Steinmaus

Languages & Communications (2) Anne Schreiber

Library/Learning Resources (1) – Carina Love/Laurie Buchholz (split)

Mathematics (2)- Robert Schwenicke and Shelby Burnett

Nursing/Allied Health (3)- Heather Tucker, Monica Millard, and Nicole Gualtieri

Performing Arts (2)- Idona Cabrinha and John Knutson

Physical Sciences (2)- Greg Baxley and Jennifer Shellhorn

Social Sciences (3)- Finnuala Butler, Victor Krulikowski, and Mark Weber

Student Development & Success (2) –Amy Kayser and Laura Harris

Student Services and Support (2) –VACANT

Workforce Development (1) – VACANT

Non-Voting Members – Mike Mogull – CCFT VP, Elizabeth Lobo, Treasurer, Tom Patchell, Grievance Officer, Alex Kahane- Academic Senate President.

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