TA (Tentative Agreement) and Red-line Contract Changes for Consideration by the Membership

Please click here:  CONTRACT  to  review the proposed changes to our current contract.  These changes include the following:

  • Salary increase for 2018-19 and 2019-20
  • Increase in Fringe benefits for two-party and family rate payers.
  • Increase in stipends for coaches, performing arts faculty, project journalism, and Part-Time faculty leads (Appendix B-7)
  • Change initial placement to max of 8 (Appendix B-6)
  • Reduce the step advancement requirement for PT faculty to 10 units (Appendix B-6)
  • Lower the number of students required to get an increase in large lecture loading (Article 5.8).   The TA has been corrected to read “one and fifteenth” one hundredths” instead of “one and one fifteenth.”
  • The timeline for grievances has been extended (Article 13.8)

Draft salary schedules are provided with new salary in red. Note: step 19 will have a salary identical to steps 17 and 18. Step 22 will be identical to steps 20 and 21.


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