Council of Representatives

Meeting Minutes

Fine Arts (2)
Brittany Mojo
Marcia Harvey
Languages/Communications (2)
Tony Rector-Cavagnaro
Anne Schreiber
Social Sciences (3)
Mark Weber
Victor Krulikowski
Biological Sciences (2)
Laurie McConnico
Lisa Schicker
Counseling (2)
Dana Gough
Susan Gossard
Kinesiology, Health Sciences &
Athletics (2)
Nancy Steinmaus
Student Development & Success/ESL (2)
Amy Kayser
Nursing/Allied Health (3)
Monica Millard
Heather Tucker
Performing Arts (2)
Idona Cabrinha
Library/Learning Resources (1)
Jessica Gonsalves
Business Education (2)
Randy Scovil
Robert Sfarzo
English (3)
Tom Patchell
Roland Finger
Matthew Davis
Physical Sciences(2)
Greg Baxley
Debra Stakes
Student Life and Leadership (1)
Anthony Gutierrez
Applied Behavioral Sciences (2)
Bailey Drechsler
Engineering & Technology (3)
Bret Allen
Mathematics (3)
Julie Hoffman
Greg Lewis
 DSPS (1 )

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