Council of Representatives

Meeting Minutes

Non-Voting EB members
Mark Tomes, Treasurer
Languages & Communications (2)
Tony Rector-Cavagnaro
Health Center (1)
Represented by Student Life and Leadership
Biological Sciences (2)
Laurie McConnico
Counseling (2)
Dana Gough
Susan Gossard
Kinesiology, Health Sciences &
Athletics (2)
Nancy Steinmaus
Student Development & Success/ESL (2)
Donna Bower
Nursing/Allied Health (3)
Antonia Torrey
Heather Tucker
Katherine (Kif) Mills
Performing Arts (2)
Library/Learning Resources (1)
Kevin Bontenbal
Business Education (2)
Gary Rubin
DSPS (1 )
Student Life and Leadership (1)
Anthony Gutierrez
Human Development (2)
Bailey Drechsler
Engineering & Technology (3)
Bret Allen
David Fernandez
Gary Villa
Mathematics (3)
Julie Hoffman, VP/Secretary
Kyi Zin
Greg Lewis
Physical Sciences(2)
Greg Baxley
Debra Stakes, President
English (3)
Tom Patchell, Grievance Officer/Co-chair
Roland Finger, Communications Chair
Colleen Harmon,
Social Sciences (3)
Victor Krulikowski
Mark Weber
Anthony Koeninger
Fine Arts (2)
Douglas Highland

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