Senate Report August 28, 2020

  1. The executive committee has formally endorsed Mary Strobridge to continue as the Trustee for Area 5. If you live in Supervisory District 5 please vote for Mary as a proven Trustee. We interviewed both candidates on August 20 following their submission and review of a list of questions.
  2. We have also endorsed Dawn Addis to be the state representative for Assembly District 35. We met and interviewed Dawn lat spring before COVID.
  3. The executive Board met last week to formerly endorse both of these candidates and to decide upon contributions to each candidates.
  4. The Executive Board discussed and agreed upon a tentative Budget and reassigned time for the year.
  5. The EB is sending a letter to the membership on Friday. It required lots of driving around to deliver name labels and materials, etc.
  6. Both the EB and the Council discussed the additional DE training opportunities discussed today. We share concerns about needing a more streamlined approach while faculty are struggling to manage the COVID requirements, which hopefully might be limited. We do not think should be burdened by anything new.
  7. The EB has fielded many questions regarding workload issues including access to restrooms, technology, compensation for upgrading wifi connection, and legal considerations surrounding online classroom being taped. We obtained legal advice for the latter.
  8. We are still waiting for the updated version of the contract but i will let you know.

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