President’s Senate Report for October 23, 2020

  1. The CCFT Council of Representatives met yesterday and considered the updated student evaluation questions. These will be brought to Negotiations in November and used for Faculty evaluations next semester.
  2. We were advised that some confusing information was provided regarding the evaluation of online courses. The requirements are those agreed to by the Senate and the Union, embodied in the forms used in the evaluations. Whatever other advice is presented by CVC-OEI is not a contractual requirement.
  3. There was also a discussion about offices hours. FT faculty are paid and required to provide 5 hours per week direct student contact through office hours. The current COVID-19 requirements for all online learning creates a situation that makes the contract language outdated. Greg Baxley has a draft of suggested language to allow half of these office hours to be asynchronous and half to be synchronous. He is soliciting input from Division chairs.
  4. I am finalizing updates to the Constitution and the By-laws to make them alignment with current federal law and our operational realities. I am hoping to streamline future contract ratifications with shorter elections. These will necessarily be voted on next semester because of the current longer timelines.
  5. There was a discussion about problems with the Bookstore not advertising materials correctly. If you want to add to this please tell Heather Tucker.
  6. Julie Hoffman has been the CCFT secretary for several years and recently added the Communications Chair to her jobs. She has systematically been responsible for the creation of many meeting minutes that are posted on our website, along with maintaining the website itself. She also has served on the joint task forces to create the faculty evaluations. Julie has decided to retire at the end of the semester and CCFT will need to replace her. If you are interested please contact Greg Baxley. Three semesters remain in her term.
  7. The next COR meeting will be on Thursday November 19. An All-Member meeting will be on Thursday Dec 3. Please plan to attend via zoom.

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