Filing for Unemployment: Part-time Faculty

CFA Lecturer Members,

All part-time lecturers with contingent contracts are legally entitled to Unemployment Insurance benefits every term break (winter, spring and summer). You are eligible even if you have signed an appointment letter for the next quarter or year.  According to the law, you do NOT have “reasonable assurance of work” if the appointment is contingent on budget, enrollment, or program changes, which is the case for ALL part time lecturers at Cal Poly.   If you are an employee with a contingent appointment, Cal Poly can cancel your class or ass

Filing for Unemployment Workshop

PowerPoint Presentation from FACCC

ign it to another faculty member as late as the 3rd session, and you will only be paid for the hours you spent in class—therefore, you have NO assurance of work at this time.

Full-time lecturers with one year appointments that end in June are also eligible for Unemployment Insurance benefits during summer. Full-time lecturers with three year appointments may be eligible during the summer after the last year of their appointment.

If you are receiving non-CSU retirement benefits or work another job during summer, your benefits will be decreased by the amount that you earn.  If you earn less than $2,000 per month from other sources, it is definitely still worth your time to apply for benefits.  If you are a CSU retired annuitant, you should NOT apply for unemployment if you are planning on working for the CSU again.

Your appointment letters have start and end dates, and specify the contingent nature of your appointments.  Usually, you are eligible for benefits starting the Sunday after the end date on your appointment letter.  For winter break 2015, it is likely that you are eligible starting Sunday, December 13, 2015 IF you have submitted your grades by that date.

Step-by-step information about how to apply for unemployment, which will show you exactly how to answer the “tricky” questions, is available as an attached document “Unemployment Instructions,” and is posted under the ”CFA Documents” section of your Cal Poly CFA Lecturers PolyLearn site.  This site should appear under “My Classes” –>

“Other PolyLearn Access” on the MyCalPoly portal.

If you cannot access the PolyLearn site, email me so that I can add you to the class list.  If you apply for Unemployment Insurance benefits and your application is denied, call me immediately so that I can assist you with your appeal.  Because you are a CFA member, I will also attend your hearing if one is scheduled; I have assisted with at least 40 cases and I haven’t lost one yet!  My CFA phone number is 805-459-4058.


CFA Faculty Rights Chair


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