eLumen Compensation for Part-time Faculty

PT Faculty

CCFT has demanded that the District bargain over the impact of eLumen BEFORE its implementation. This software requires that every CRN in every course being assessed submit data for each student. This will require PT faculty to compile SLO data for their courses, for which they are not compensated.

Also, many divisions will need to reframe and consolidate Program and Course Learning outcomes because they must all be linked and because it is unreasonable to have more than 4-5 for any course or program.

CCFT intends to bargain for additional compensation for PT faculty participating in each of these efforts. Please do not do eLumen training or agree to use eLumen in your courses before we get the District to the bargaining table.

Thank you

In Unity

Debra Stakes

Debra S. Stakes, PhD
CCFT President and Chief Negotiator
Cuesta College
Division of Physical Sciences
San Luis Obispo CA 93403-8106
(805)546-3100 x2720
cell (805) 704-9776

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