Payment Information for PT faculty serving on the CCFT CoR

CoR = Council of Reps
CCFT = Cuesta College Federation of Teachers
PT = Part Time

CCFT CoR meets the 4th Thursday of each month (except holidays) from 3:00-5:00 pm.  The first semester we implemented payment of the PT CoR reps was for Fall 2018, and those payments were made Spring 2019.

PT CoR stipends were approved as indicated in the minutes from 10/18/2018. The pay was set at the D-9 step of the 2/3 lab rate schedule (sometimes referred to as the ancillary schedule.)  It was agreed that we set the pay for 3 hrs. per CoR meeting. This allows 2 hr. for meeting attendance and 1 hr. for communicating with the division and meeting preparation, including reading the minutes from the previous meeting. This is why the chair’s signature is required on the Stipend Request form. It confirms the rep’s communication.  The chair is NOT confirming attendance at meetings, this is done via minutes and communication from the CCFT secretary to the treasurer.  The chair is simply confirming that the CoR PT faculty is communicating to the department on CCFT CoR matters.

At semester’s end, the treasurer sends out the PT CoR stipend request form to the PT faculty on the CoR. Treasurer Elizabeth Lobo created the first PT CoR stipend request form on 4/18/19   The stipend is paid at the end of each semester after confirming attendance with the CCFT secretary and after receiving the completed verification from the PT faculty.

Updated 11/2020, Information here submitted by Nancy Steinmaus and confirmed by Elizabeth Lobo.

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