TA (Tentative Agreement) Meeting and Conference Reimbursement

Please click here:  CONTRACT  to  review the proposed changes to our current contract.  These changes include the following: 4.16A Travel Reimbursement for District Related business. 4.16.1 Reimbursement for meals 4.16.2 Reimbursement for lodging 4.16.3 Reimbursement for travel, parking and registration fees. Voting closes March 22nd.  Ballots sent to members electronically.  

COPE Payroll Deduction Authorization

Voluntary contributions to CCFT COPE help ensure that public officials – elected and appointed – hear your voice on issues and policies that matter to you. And CCFT COPE is one of the most effective ways to help elect candidates who support our schools and our professions. And when necessary, …

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2015-2016 Salary Comparisons

The following Salary Comparisons are provided by CFT. The first link compares the full-time salaries for Cuesta faculty to the 14 negotiated comparable districts. The second link compares the part-time salaries to all community college districts, based on a concept of pro rata pay as 75% that of full-time pay. …

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Impasse Declaired

Dear CCFT Members; Last Wednesday, management presented its “last, best, and final” offer on compensation to faculty of 3.21% on-schedule. The offer continued the District’s actions from this year and last in refusing to provide fair compensation to faculty, who remain the lowest paid of our cohort and who continue …

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