Elections Spring 2023

Overview of Tentative Agreements 2023

Definition: a Tentative Agreement (TA) is one made between the district and union bargaining teams. The TAs go into effect once they are ratified by the union membership and approved by the trustees.

There is a list of the TAs CCFT is presenting for ratification, with a brief description and link.

  1. TA 1 Article 4.71 Step and Column advancement.
    1. Minor edit to CBA to clarify that column advancement polices are found in Appendix B-10.
    2. Makes it easier for faculty to find column advancement policies.
  2. TA 2 Appendix B-10 Column Advancement.
    1. Column advancement no longer requires preapproval for graduate coursework at accredited universities.
    2. Clarifies preapproval process for undergraduate, work-related, and non-accredited experiences for advancement.
  3. TA 3 Appendix B-10 section B Extra Duty Compensation
    1. These changes are a large benefit to PT faculty who perform extra duties such as program review or coordination.
    2. Replaces “lead faculty” designation with three levels of district-paid stipends for extra duties that are no longer tied to specific programs.
    3. Division chairs should promote these opportunities for PT faculty, especially in programs with no FT faculty.
    4. Extra duty stipends still require pre-approval from a dean and may require a scope of work (SOW). Consult with CCFT on a SOW.
  4. TA 4 Article 4.20 Dual Enrollment Pay
    1. Clarifies the role and compensation structure for faculty to act as “Cuesta Faculty Designees” for CCAP/dual enrollment courses.
  5. TA 5 Article 5.7 Workload Goals Committee: removed requirement to review recommendations from comparable districts and setting course caps.
  6. TA 6 Article 6 Leaves of Absence
    1. Required updates to leave policies based on new statutes and regulations.
  7. TA 7 Article Improvement Plan
    1. Clarifies CBA that a Peer Evaluation Form and a Plan for Improvement form are required for off-cycle evaluations.
  8. TA 8 Peer Evaluation Form
    1. CCFT and the district agreed to new Instructional (peer) and Counselor evaluation forms (peer and manager)
  9. TA 9 Article 6.23 Sabbatical Leave
    1. Revises application process (only one deadline instead of two)
    2. Clarifies the role of the faculty Sabbatical Leave Committee
    3. Institutes a roll-over for unused sabbatical leave time from one year to another, so that up to 2.0 FTE of leave could be given in any one year.
    4. Provides detailed guidance as to what should be included in a Sabbatical Leave Report.
  10. TA 10 Article 6.21 Load Bank Leave
    1. Extends the expiration time for load bank leave from 3 years to 5 years.
    2. Clarifies the process for banking load and to use banked load. There is a form for the request to bank load that needs to be completed prior to the start of a semester.
    3. Faculty on load bank leave are still expected to participate in professional growth and assigned college activities (committee and division meetings). Faculty on load bank leave may use personal leave in lieu of attending meetings.
  11. TA 11 Article 5.8.1 Lab Loading (takes effect in Spring semester 2024)
    1. Increases lab loading from 1 hour lab = 5.00% (1/20) load to 1 hour lab = 5.56% (1/18) load. For comparison, 1 hour lecture = 6.67% (1/15) load.
    2. Applies to all lab loading.
    3. Changes in curriculum, split assignments, and/or scheduling at the divisional may be necessary to keep PT faculty under the statutory 67% cap on PT loads.
  12. TA 12 Part-Time faculty health care program (TA from December 2022)
    1. PT faculty who teach 40% or more at Cuesta (or Cuesta plus other community college districts) are eligible for the full fringe benefit provided to FT faculty.
  13. TA 13 Article 4 compensation

Year 23-24

  • COLA (up to 8%) added to all instructional salary schedules, minus 0.86% for PT parity and lab load adjustments. (this sounds not so good but is a fantastic deal for the lab loading part)
  • Chair and coordinator schedules will increase for the faculty portion of their duties but not what previously was considered the stipend portion.
  • $5,000 for retirees who announce prior to Sept 12 for that academic year
  • 1 FTE extra Senate reassign time for the SLOA Coordinator
  • Funding 4 NC Coordinators for next year (filling the 4th slot next year) with discussions about NC Coordinator roles in fall
  • Increase in PT/overload parity, so that the per-unit compensation ratio is up from 82% to 83.2% of FT. The PT/OL salary schedule will move from 61.5% of each FT cell to 62.5% of each cell.

Year 24-25

  • Minimum 1% salary increase for 24-25, additional 1% for FTES growth of 2-2.9%, and 2% for FTES growth above 3% (for a 3% increase overall)
  • 1 FTE extra for Senate SLOA coordinator
  • Return to table if COLA is below 1% or above 3.5% (this is a huge benefit if COLA is another big one)

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